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We know how to unlock the body’s capability to help regrow you own hair.  Taking 4 tubes of  your blood and spinning it at 1900 RPM for 10 minutes to harvest platelet rich plasma and reinject it with tiny needles where your hair is thinning can improve density and help thicken hair in 70-90% of patients.  Three-25 minute treatments performed over 60 days in either one of our offices in 1 or 2 areas will improve density over the ensuing 4-6 months or 2 hair cycles.   Shedding can be a result of stimulating new hair growth that pushes old hair out.

Producing great results, PRP treatments are becoming quite popular with patients here at The Paragon Hair Clinic. With alopecia a concern to many men and women, PRP has become a sound treatment option for them.

What is PRP?

PRP is short Platelet Rich Plasma, and it is one of the newest treatments for treatment of many types of alopecia.  PRP is the platelet rich segment of your blood which contains many growth factors. The first step in a PRP treatment is to draw blood from the patient.  We place the blood in a centrifuge and let it spin for about 10 minutes. Once ready the platelet rich plasma is drawn from a separated layer from the blood, leaving the red cells behind. PRP is then injected to scalp or area in which we are treating on the patient.

Are PRP treatments painful?

PRP treatments can be a bit discomforting for some patients. Here at Paragon we use local anesthetic before we inject PRP into the patients scalp, making the experience virtually pain free. We ensure the patient is comfortable before we inject the PRP.

Is there any down time for PRP treatments?

The best part of this preventative hair loss method, aside from it being non-surgical is that there is NO DOWNTIME! PRP treatments can take up to an hour to be done but you can resume normal activities right after.

Who can get PRP treatments?

The ideal candidate for PRP treatment are those men and women who have recently discovered hairloss/shedding. Research has shown that PRP can also work for women who have suffered traction alopecia due to tight braids, and ponytails. While PRP can be beneficial for salvaging marginal areas, it is not ideal for areas that are completely bald due to androgenic alopecia.

Where can I get a PRP treatment?

The Paragon Hair Clinic has two Dallas / Fort Worth area offices located in Mansfield and Southlake to help accommodate all of our patients. Don’t let more time pass, get the help you need for your hair loss now! Dr. Mark Bishara and The Paragon family are waiting to get you started on your journey to full head of hair!




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