Facial hair transplantation has become quite popular here at The Paragon Hair Clinic.  As not all men are blessed with having a full beard and for those men, hair transplants are a great option. Some have patchy beards some have none at all. Well with this full beard craze happening Dr. Bishara and the Paragon Hair Clinic has the solution for you to be become fully bearded.

So now you wonder how?  Well if you have read about hair transplants, beard transplants work the same with the only difference being that the hair is going on your face. When performing beard transplantation Dr. Mark Bishara uses the same technique as with hair on your head. Beard transplants typically take around 300 to 800 follicular units. Dr. Mark Bishara uses the ARTAS robotic system to take the hair from the donor area. Before starting the ARTAS robot the doctor will assist you in creating and drawing in the beard design to your liking.  The Paragon techs will shave the back of the head which is where the hair being transplanted is typically taken from. The ARTAS robot will then be started, you will sit in prone position as the robot does the hair harvesting. Don’t worry, we use local anesthetic to eliminate pain from the equation. As the robot is doing its job, one of the Paragon techs will begin to check the follicular units for quality. Once the this part of the process is done, you will be laid on your back and we will numb the beard and mustache area to begin making the recipient sites.  Once the are is numb, at the doctor’s direction our experienced techs will begin planting the follicular units that were extracted on to the new recipient area.

The procedure is done and your now ready to go home and play the waiting game. As everything begins to heal small scabs around the recipient sites will begin to form and should only last about 4 to 5 days. Medications are prescribed to help with any pain/sleep as well as antibiotics to help prevent any infection. Two weeks after the beard transplant the hair transplanted will begin to fall out. Don’t panic that is absolutely normal! At around 3 months after the beard transplantation your new beard will begin to grow and last a lifetime!